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The Ups and Downs January 3, 2006

Posted by KG in Family, State.

Much has been made about the relative “glamour” of the new gig: Exotic locales, upgraded travel, no rent or utilities, all those things that make bureaucrats so damn sexy. For all the possible downsides (read: possible mandatory time in Iraq, as reports the LA Times), the deal seemed pretty sweet. I was certainly taken by it. Downside? Couldn’t see it.

Well, that’s over. It’s nine days until pack out, fifteen days until wheels up, and I am feeling, well, kinda nuts right now. And the hardest blow thus far: saying goodbye to my sister, who I will not see for more than a year. And just when she was getting interesting (head nod, Connery comma Sean, IJatLC).

But you know, that really isn’t that long. And with luck, the Moirai will smile on me when the next list comes out and ship me off to more accessible or scenic locales. Places where my peeps can actually drop in and crash with me for a while. This whole transient thing is pretty appealing, a long as you accept the fact that you’ll probably have to say more goodbyes than a flight attendant.
Anyway, this blog entry is really just me procrastinating. The Eminem True Hollywood Story is on and I need to figure out if the Islamic Republic of Pakistan will allow my collection of Preacher graphic novels to enter the country (odds: no. To storage they go!).

Sidenote: Friends in need of furniture, stay tuned for details on pickup. Available, one crappy dresser, one moderate quality bookshelf (already promised to Ms. Mathis), more possibly TBD.

Update: Have booked hotels for post packout and NYC consults.  No Ritz (boo!) but mucho Marriott (points!), so its not a bad tradeoff.  Also have managed to consolidate my library into going with me and not going with me sections, something I thought would be impossible until I adopted a slash-and-burn, “you never liked this book anyway” modus operandi.  I’m thinking this is not a good MO to use if I ever choose to have children.



1. Sommer - January 3, 2006

You do realize that if you go to Kazakhstan, the Borat jokes will be unrelenting.

Also, lemme know when the best time to pick up my new bookshelf is … I rented a van to move bigger items on Sunday, Jan. 15, so if that works for you, that’d be the sweetest.

2. tom - January 4, 2006

I hereby volunteer to give a good home to any hyperviolent comic books you might be considering storing.

3. Sister - January 4, 2006

So I got into Sheffield today around noon….and I’m not even spending the night here. Go fig. We’re sleeping in Manchester tonight, and then flying out to Frankfurt tomorrow, by way of Dublin (freaking SWEET).

I miss you already…give Ma and Baba extra hugs for me.

4. Dak - January 5, 2006

Capitan — Let me know if you’ve got any last minute packout questions. I found that huge procrastination coupled with a general mehh…fuckit attitude really got me quite far. As far as the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, in fact. Regardless, best of luck to you.

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