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Welcome to the 21st Century January 10, 2006

Posted by KG in Etc., FS Life.

The last few days have been a flurry of activity. I managed to spend more money in one day than I ever have before — mostly on essentials, though there were a few “vanity” purchases.

Among the many items I bought was, after some time resisting, an iPod:


It’s been fun playing with my new toy, though it has really emphasized the fact that I need a new, faster computer (this theme to be revisited later on). I’ve been ripping CDs left and right, trying to do it with some sense of “priority.” Nigh impossible, frankly. How can I be expected to pick between What’s Going On and Pretty Hate Machine? I’m trying an alternating-between-genres method at this point, and it seems fine. Currently being ripped: Journeys by DJ Coldcut, probably one of the finest mix CDs ever made.

The iPod was actually the last in a series of awesomely futuristic purchases I made Saturday. Samsonite provided a suitcase that is, apparently, nuke proof. At least that’s what it should be considering the price I paid. But damn is it cool — when did luggage start coming with all kinds of add ons like garment bags and the like built in? Maybe I’m just luggage ignorant; despite years of traveling for work, my luggage has always been second hand, or even better, bought from an Indian street vendor.

But by far the most futuristic purchase of the day was a pair of new kicks:

The minute I saw them my eyes lit up: someone was importing shoes from the year 20X6! I’m still searching for the time-travel button, the hover feature, and the particle shield, but I am happy to report that unlike many new technologies, these shoes actually perform their old fashioned original purpose (providing a comfortable form of foot protection, looking awesome) well.

(yes indeed, that is a Howard Dean bobblehead on the left and a Buddha on the right. I suspect Buddha is contemplating the singular perfection of the future, while Dean is looking at the shoes as a sign that the future is here and America cannot be left behind.)

All of this rampant consumerism propelled me to go on a beer-fueled organization binge. Among other tasks accomplished was the stripping of my bookshelves to facilitate handing them over to Sommer. Now the corner of my room looks, well, a little cluttered.

Among the many observations one can make from viewing this photo are that damn, I have a lot of graphic novels and boy oh boy do I need a new digital camera because my current one is, to put it lightly, poor quality (you can barely tell I own the kind of horrible Squadron Supreme graphic novel). New camera: you’re next.

Sunday night, after going on yet another shopping spree for less fun things from Target, I drunkenly decided to organize my UAB. For the uninitiated, that’s basically a big box of things that would be the first of my material possessions to arrive in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Thus came a beer fueled night of ransacking my kitchen, recent purchases, and various and sundry essentials to come up with what the movers will eventually stuff, rudely, into a large box for international shipment. Sorry roommates, our living room is a serious mess:

Note the two cartons of Bali Shag in the lower left hand corner and the stew pot at the top. Because that’s just how I roll.

Dismantling my room led me to open my mysterious “important documents” bag, unexplored for many a year. To my surprise, the bag contained about 4% important material, a large assortment of indie comics from the mid-90s, and a ton of trash. The important portion was worth the rooting about.

Savings bonds, tax returns, and the title to my car. Thank goodness I decided to go exploring — otherwise these would have been trapped somewhere in Hagerstown for all of eternity, give or take a tour’s length.



1. MJF - January 11, 2006

The few books I can make out in that photo are some of my favorites.

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