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“Last” Dinner at Palena January 17, 2006

Posted by KG in Food.

I had made it my plan to have my last (for some time) DC dinner at Palena. But with my departure date now uncertain, calling it the “last” dinner would be a bit premature. But this didn’t dissuade me from going anyway, and testing out my awesome, new, practically credit card sized camera. The dinner was well up to Palena’s standards.

We started with the fries. Marisa says they were “very good,” and was surprised that they weren’t more tart. After having them so many times before, I can’t really add much other than “why haven’t you tried them yet.”

Our mains were, this night, of the pasta variety. Marisa had the gnocchi:

Gnocchi with Fennel Sausage Bolognese

The spice level was just right for her and the fennel based sauce was delicious in both of our opinions.

I had the kabocha squash ravioli with lobster:

Kabocha Squash Ravioli with Lobster and Lobster Sauce

It was absolutely delicious. I don’t normally do the lobster thing, but this was worth it. The squash in the pasta was a suprising complement to the lobster, and the sauce, slightly spicy, was incredibly delicious (and spiked, liberally, with bits of squash). We shared the goat cheese and pumpkin pie to finish. Ann Amernick seemed to be really showing off with this simple dessert. It was less rich than expected, and it wasn’t as cloyingly sweet as I was worried it would be. (Yes it is odd for me to get dessert, but I was treating this as my final DC meal, peeps.)

So thanks, Palena. And thanks to the probably sixteen year old salesman at Best Buy who convinced me to buy this awesome camera. This thing is just so awesome. $200 over my budget, but awesome.



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