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From the Department of Unnecessary January 18, 2006

Posted by KG in Food.

So. Home again for a bit. Admin stuff with the car and whatnot, dontcha know. It’s kind of nice, what with Dad lecturing me on work-related things and me sitting, smiling, nodding. Luckily, I managed to divert his attentions with my new electronics, which saved the day (men of my family: rather similar in that we feel playing with new toys is way better than talking geopolitics).

But really, much more importantly:

New Doritos Packaging

Hey fine people at Frito-Lay, what’s up? And by the way, what is up with the crazy electric Dorito at the top of the bag and the tres-90’s typeface? I’m a regular supporter of your products, but I have to say this redesign is doing nothing for me. Please, make it go the way of all the other horrible products you’ve been pushing on the world’s lovers of snackaliciousness (I’m looking at you, Doritos 3D’s). And since you’re taking suggestions, can you bring Salsa Verde Doritos back to the East Coast? Thanks.



1. MJF - January 18, 2006

I’m with you. But I want them to bring back Jumpin’ Jack doritos of my childhood rather than the Pepper Jack abomination they put out instead.

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