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Keeping Myself Occupied… January 18, 2006

Posted by KG in FS Life, State.

(so as not to confuse, I am still definitely going to Pak; this is the bid list for my second tour, which is a more complex prospect than the first selection) 

… has been hard today, but at the last moment Buenos Diaz came through with an export of my next bid list.  The spots I was dreaming of weren’t there, but there were definitely some choice ones to pick from.  So I give you, without further ado, my initial thoughts after, oh, fifteen minutes of cutting and pasting. Note, not in rank order:

Draft Bid List? 

(clicky for larger version)

These are the kinds of decisions one makes without really thinking about consequences.  And by “kinds of” I mean “best.”  Trust your gut!

(Still, am upset that there’s no Vlad, no non-cons Istanbul, Casablanca, Kiev.  Also not happy that Sarajevo is probably not mine due to the realities of the calendar. Alas.)




1. Dak - January 19, 2006

Does this mean you’re definitely not going to PKST? Or is this for your next assignment?

2. Suz - January 20, 2006

Ah Tashkent.

3. shelly - January 22, 2007

i love that rug!

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