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He’d of Showed Up if They had Hot Kicks February 4, 2006

Posted by KG in Etc., FS Life.

Running up Lee Highway earlier today, I thought I’d have something to write. More of the basic stuff, really. My jealousy of colleagues who actually have a game plan they can move on. My jealousy of friends who have personal space. My increasing irritability at the sheer frustration of this. My anger at the immature geopolitics behind it all. And most of all, the hell of waiting. Yours truly, a Vladimir with no Estragon to my left.

I could go on forever, really. But after a good shower to clear my carbon monoxide and Virginia addled head, I realized that writing about these feelings would not be cathartic in the least. It would all be a stream of “@(&(*#QYRH! reciprocityEHF(*#q!, EFFING Stop! oqihfd*(@qy!,” really, full of interrobangs and other unsightly punctuation. Besides, things could be much, much worse.

So instead, friends, I bring you a picture of yet another pair of new shoes recently purchased.  Alhumdullilah!

Hot New Pumas



1. Sister - February 5, 2006

My Pumas are the best running shoes I’ve ever owned. Good choice.

2. The Diplodocus » Surrendering to Materialism - August 7, 2006

[…] This blog is no stranger to indulgent photos of new shoes and new toys, but these particular purchases were very gratifying. The shoes were extremely zaruruth, as the Pakistanis say, and the iPod speaker system is, in a word, fantastic. I heart both — and as the empty places in my heart multiply with the exodus of friends from DC, near-obscene materialism is a bit of a comfort. […]

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