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Khan’s Chinese Theater February 7, 2006

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Please welcome friend FSOGlobetrotter to the blogroll.  Mr. Trotter will be travelling to glorious Lollywood soon, where he will no doubt be seeing his name in lights any day now.  From the jungles of Chiang Mai to the wilds of New Jersey, and now off to the Punjab.  It’s likely he’ll be beating me over there; having the right papers certainly helps.

Also: SpikeTV plays Star Trek (TNG and DS9) from noon ’til 5 PM every weekday.  What could their desired audience possibly be?  My guess: housewives with a jones for Jonathan Frakes and Avery Brooks, dorks without day jobs, and the intersection of the two sets.  Looks like I’m closest to the middle category.



1. Audrey - February 8, 2006

Armin Shimerman and Rene Auberjonois are the hottest.

2. MJF - February 10, 2006

Not only housewives jones for Riker…

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