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Better than the Average ACE Inhibitor March 3, 2006

Posted by KG in Family, FS Life, Pakistan.

Of course, yesterday’s tough news came on my parent’s 34th wedding anniversary. Yet another time where my new career and the mental health of my parents have come to loggerheads. The first time was when I got that green and white flag — you should have seen the tears coming from my mom’s eyes. The months following weren’t so bad for them, but my departure delay has caused them significant stress (let’s leave out the part where they are a contributing cause). Then came the second assignment. All Dad asked for was a place he’d be excited to visit. When bidding, I figured Tashkent was close enough. Alas, they were significantly less than pleased (a certain issue of your favorite free weekly was mentioned in the conversation), though they have since come around to being at the very least not skeptical of tourism prospects.

Thus I was expecting some hard conversation when I called the happy couple last night. Surprise surprise, the old folks took it well. A rough transcript of the conversation, translated from the original Bengali:

Mom: Hi! You called?

Me: Yeah, happy anniversary! How are you?

Mom: Good, your Dad took me to Outback. It was okay, I guess. Are you okay? Did you hear the news from Karachi?

Me: Um, yeah. Its pretty hard, but I’m okay. My friends over there seem to be okay too.

Mom: I guess this the assignment you asked for. Dad says thank God you weren’t there, or else he’d probably be having another heart attack.

Me: Yeah, that probably wouldn’t be good…. listen, does he want to talk?

Mom: No, he says its okay. He’s watching a new episode of CSI.

Shadi saal girah mubarak, Mom and Dad!

Edited to Add: Yes, I know Parade isn’t exactly free, but it comes free with the Sunday Paper, right?  So that’s almost the same thing.  And that Marilyn Vos Savant is a TOTAL hottie.



1. Sister - March 4, 2006

Hahah, oh that CSI…not much will tear Daddy away from it.

This made me smile.

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