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Everywhere You Want To Be March 9, 2006

Posted by KG in FS Life, Pakistan, State.

Dudes, big news. I’m officially leaving, all the paperwork is in order. This post is a spaceholder and shall be filled in with more when I get some more time.

UPDATE: Yesterday morning I received an email from my future boss informing me that the news is good and that I needed to contact the Passport Office.  Later that afternoon, I received confirmation:  the Visa was done, and I was good to go.  The little slip of paper that has caused me such consternation:

The Visa

Pretty exciting, no?

The itinerary: Tuesday the 14th to Heathrow, and then onwards to Islamabad. The powers that be have been notified, and now I am left with a bajillion admin tasks both minute and massive needing attention. That and enjoying my last weekend in the States for some time.  It looks to be the most beautiful weekend of the year thus far, alhumdullilah.

With this piece of good fortune, fate did of course play one little joke on me.  My A100 colleagues should find the manner in which my first name is spelled on my Dip passport particularly amusing:

(green ellipse added for emphasis)

After all that I’ve been through the last couple months, this just made me laugh.  Luckily, I have consulted with individuals far more knowledgeable than I on passport matters, and they have assured me that this shouldn’t be a problem — my departure will not be affected by this little mistake, thank goodness.

Onwards and upwards.  Suggestions for how I should enjoy the weekend?  I’m thinking enjoying my freedom.  That, and saving some money for Heathrow shopping.  Anyone want something from Thomas Pink?



1. catherine - March 9, 2006


2. susan - March 9, 2006

Wow, suddenly everything at once, no? Well, I’m raising a glass to the start of your adventure. Write it all down, and publish what you can!

3. Gus - March 9, 2006

That final irony with the mangled name is too beautiful. Just remember, Kanishka, it’s all downhill from here. ;>)

4. Kathryn - March 10, 2006

I love it. Kanishaka. How did they know? Congrats on the visa and stay safe!


5. FSO Globetrotter - March 10, 2006

Hey man, thats awesome! Glad you are finally going to make it. Have a blast this weekend! Funny about the name. You’re going to have lots of fun over here.

6. Sister - March 10, 2006

I would like a tie from Thomas Pink, please. Ideal to wear to skanky skool diskos and/or as a headband/belt.

Hahah, I kid, I kid. Seriously though, I am immensely proud of you and I love you lots. Good luck, Blah Blah.

7. editfish - March 12, 2006

Glad to hear it! Have a safe trip; we’ll catch you on the other side!

8. snh - March 13, 2006

Congratulations! I wish you the very best. Have a great trip.

9. Silvie - March 13, 2006

Make sure to stock up on Cadbury’s chocolate at Heathrow. Have a safe trip. I can’t wait to hear about your adventures.

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