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Bubble Boy March 18, 2006

Posted by KG in Pakistan, State.

Hey guys, how are you?  It’s around 2 AM back home and I bet y’all are either passed out drunk or vomiting in an alley somewhere.  At least I hope you are (vomitations?).  I, on the other hand, am at work.  On a Saturday.  Why?  Because that’s what you do in Islamabad and dammit if I’m not going to go with the flow.  Also: need to fund trip to Maldives. Being paid overtime (time and a half!) is better than most things, including but not restricted to not being paid overtime.

Previous prediction of weirdness has proven sage-like.  To wit (sidenote: have seen this particular phrase spelled “to whit” and I hate it, though I think it’s the correct way.  Bah): last night I went to happy hour, after which we had a St. Patrick’s day party w/green beer AND Guinness (alhumdullilah).  I bought a round — 6 Coronas w/green food coloring and 2 Guinnesses — that cost me $18, and that actually felt very expensive. Come on people, this is South Asia.  At some point, an Irish band started playing the best traditional Irish tunes this side of Gwalior.  A colleague who shall remain nameless was chased by a twelve year old Marine around the compound.  Later, we had drinks at another colleagues house — a house which was, frankly, ridiculous.  Oh, and I’m told my house is nicer.  And bigger. 

Still, this place has me challenging my preconceived notions of various abstract concepts, like freedom.  In contrast to other diplomatic missions here in Islamabad, we’re not allowed to move very freely about — that is, walking.  And for the currently car-less, getting around requires motorpool, not taxis.  The reasons for this are myriad but it doesn’t make it any less annoying.  Imagine a closed sphere full of fish submerged in the South Pacific.  It’s kind of like that.

These observations are, however, premature.  I need more time to reflect.  And I owe you pictures.  To come.  Now, off to enjoy some beautiful Islamabad weather.  I promise I’ll try to write soon, but the whole learning curve thingy here is less of a curve and more of a line.  If it were an equation, it would probably be y = (10^n)x, wherein n approaches infinity. Thus : am exhausted.  



1. Silvie - March 18, 2006

Can’t wait for pictures. Must be a surreal experience!

2. Dak - March 19, 2006

Dude, come on now. That Marine was at least 14, which, if I recall correctly, is the age of consent here in sunny Pakistan. Such things are important when carrying a black passport.

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