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Brief Update on Updates March 24, 2006

Posted by KG in Uncategorized.

There are many reasons why you haven’t seen an update from me recently.  The major one is the fact that my internet connection at my guesthouse (which we will henceforth refer to lovingly as Motel Aat) is sporadic at best.  Oh, and it requires stringing a network cable from their “server” to my bedroom, a distance that in taxicab geometry would be about 27 feet.  Of course, the cord is only 20 feet long, so I have a network cable tautly strung across my room such that when I trip over it, it sounds a low register B flat.  Lovely place, the Motel Aat.  They do in fact leave the light on for me.  Unfortunately, they don’t leave out the guard, whiich is okay, because he isn’t armed and I don’t think Akram Saheb would serve as much of a deterrent, despite his Pathan pedigree.

The other reason is that work here is all-consuming and very difficult.  And this is without the next big hurdle: hitting the line.  This will happen Tuesday, inshallah, and truth be told I’m a little scared.  I actualy saw a crier — nay, a sobber today at the window.  And this was an issuance! (For the record, she misunderstood the ConOff, and when informed of the actual decision, was decidedly relieved.)  In any case, I’m a little intimidated by the window and the power it holds.  On the plus side, I get a little walkie-talkie like thing that dings every time I press a button.  Its like the DMV, but this time I’m in charge.  Really, when daydreaming in highschool, thinking about that job way in the future, didn’t we all dream of sitting behind bulletproof glass, making grandmothers cry and pushing a little button that goes “ding”?  I know I did. 



1. Bob - March 27, 2006

Remember, you haven’t really hit the visa line big-time until you have an applicant croak on you. There are worse feelings in life, but they’re usually named “mass negligent homicide” and “voting for Ralph Nader”…

NB: I’ve never caused an applicant to die. But it has happened. The worst I ever did was give a visa to a guy who was later nabbed in what was termed the biggest ecstasy drug bust in U.S. history… Sigh. Enjoy it while you can.

2. aerhtrytuy - August 9, 2006

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