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All Lost in the Supermarket April 13, 2006

Posted by KG in Friends, FS Life.

When time is tight, you've got a bunch of meetings, you're horrified by the mountain of clothes in your front room, and you're getting ready to work on your first ever CODEL (baggage duty, thanks), the time-conscious (lazy) blogger turns to the bullet list.  I'll have time later, but for now…

  • My house is really big.  Like bigger than my parents big.  It scares me, a bit, and after living in tight environs since I was, oh, 18, I'm a little intimidated by it. 
  • Also, I've got the absolute perfect space to perch a keg and have a great college-style party.  So its time to make things happen.  Perhaps a call to the welding unit here or a trip to Thailand will work.  We can do this, people.  Ideas?
  • I signed up for internet — 9 mos, paid all in advance.  My method of payment?  Making the sales rep wait while I pulled out my hidden roll of rupees (everyone needs a hidden roll of rupees) and handed him 10 freshly pressed Jinnahs.
  • Though the last sentence really doesn't work, because all the notes here have Jinnah on them.  In theory, that may make the meaning of the above "I spent Rs. 100 on Internet for 9 months."  Which is less than the cost of a bottle of pasta sauce.
  • In related news, all my stuff is here, and none of it is broken.  But my house is full of large, empty boxes.  Which would be great if I had some five year olds to donate them to.  Alas.
  • Dakota just told me that he bought a new computer, which means we may finally get to see his picture of a monkey riding on the back of a dog.  I still won't believe it until I see it.
  • Finally, congrats to Doyle and Nance for making it to the D.F. in one piece.  Lets hope the parade of visa applicants down there doesn't drive you mad, Mr. Doyle.


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