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Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch April 22, 2006

Posted by KG in Back in DC, Friends.

It appears that the exodus of colleagues from the safe and comfortable confines of FSI to the big wide world continues unabated.  Marilyn is off to Astana, where she will have the unenviable task of helping moving an entire Embassy to Kazakhstan's relatively new capital.  The logistics are horrifying — somewhere around 900 miles inland, and just loading up a plane is not an option.  Best of luck to her.

I can't imagine what it must be like for those still in training back in Virginia.  The psychological feedback of seeing so many go through the stressful process of out-processing and packout must be maddening.  At the same time, I get a twinge of jealousy when I see those pictures.  Being in training is kind of like treading water, but its treading water with some great hours. 

This opinion will, without a doubt, change when I'm back at FSI.  But right now I look at photos of DC springtime and I can't help but get a little homesick.  And this after looking at pictures of the Russia House, definitely not my favorite bar in the city.  If I were to stumble across an image of a bloody Mary at Tunnicliff's, who knows what the result would be.

(unfortunately, I have not been able to track down all of the essential ingredients for a good Bloody Mary here.  But the search continues)



1. Anonymous - April 22, 2006

Yeah, the Russia House is nice, but not my favorite spot either. Maybe we can go to Tunni’s for Matt or David…

2. Sister - April 23, 2006

I miss DC springtime, too…

Although Sheffield’s spring is shaping up quite nicely.

3. MC - April 23, 2006

Treading water with tired arms, with cage stress thrown in to make it more interesting. And homesickness to boot, because for so many of us, DC is so far from our homes already. But you’re right, the actual at-work hours are not bad…

Are you SURE you don’t want a photo of a Tunnicliff’s bloody mary? It could be arranged…

4. Anonymous - April 24, 2006

Yeah, I miss DC too. Well, not DC I guess. I miss the people though. Some of them. alas….

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