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Got a Little Tip About April 23, 2006

Posted by KG in Food, Pakistan.

Back in the day, I started an occasional series for DCist known as "What We're Missing." It was basically to vent about certain essentials we perceived as noticeably absent from DC (for current DCist writers: A W Hotel.  Seriously.  Get on that.)  Now that I'm here in the I'bad, I've gotten to thinking about that very same thing here, though in a different sense of "missing."  Not that finding topics for such a thing here is hard; in fact, I think I could write something for every day spent in the IRP.  Big things, like large everything-under-the-sun superstores (say what you will, but when you need to get essentials for a new home, I love the Target run).  But really, its the little things that get to me.  One can deal with the ever present weirdness in large amounts.  Like the fact that there are no dishwashers in Embassy housing.  Or that busstops magically appear and disappear.  The little things are much harder because, by and large, you can get almost anything here.  Contact lens solution, check.  Mach 3 razor blades, check.  Doritos, Walkers Prawn Crisps, Kikkoman Lite Soy Sauce, the new Ghostface album, check check check check.  So that one little hole — that one little thing that for some reason is completely unattainable.  That little thing drives one mad.

So today, U.S. government and international postal laws, I ask you to waive the restriction on sending liquids via APO.  Because some lovely, as yet unknown soul may find it in their heart to bestow upon me an act of wondrous kindness and send me some Canada Dry ginger aie.  Or maybe some Seagrams.  Heck, I'd be happy with Rock Creek.  

Of all the things to pine for.  With softshell crab season starting, you'd think I'd worry about things more delicious slash exotic slash completely and utterly out of the question here.  But really, I would kill for a tall ginger ale.  Well, maybe not kill.  But definitely deliver a swift kick to the shins.     

UPDATE: Many thanks to Tom for reminding me that instead of whining, I should be proactive.  Since I made some handy new purchases this weekend (though I do still need a measuring cup) and the May Day long weekend is coming up, I think we've got ourselves a project.  Oh, and in answer to reader Solomon2's query: very, very sweet, and not very interesting, though I have yet to try Apple Cidra. 


1. Solomon2 - April 23, 2006

O.K., so you miss Canada Dry. Why not tell us what the local sodas are like?

2. tom - April 23, 2006

You’re a foodie, and on a particularly handy continent for easy ginger purchases — if you can find some seltzer water, what about making some?

Probably won’t be quite the same, but it might hit the spot.

3. Solomon2 - April 25, 2006

Odd that the soft drinks available don’t match the food. I recall Pakistani neighbors who loved Canada Dry ginger ale with their meals. (Sometimes they drank Fresca.)

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