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Saal Girah Mubarak-ko May 29, 2006

Posted by KG in Family, Islamabad.

Saturday was the hottest day I've experienced thus far in my tour, a seriously scorching 47 degrees Centigrade.  That's 116.6 degrees for you Fahrenheit fans, and for that matter aren't you a little embarassed that you use such an illogical system? (seriously, a zero point calculated by a mix of water and ammonium chloride? Baffling.) 

Despite the heat, it was a great day, and really a great weekend here at Embassy Islamabad.  Saturday was frisbee, house parties, and avoidance of the fact that it was my birthday.  The Corona was flowing freely and everyone who knew was very good about not really mentioning it.  Sunday (May 28th being the traditional kickoff date of Partying like a Rockstar all Summer, whose 2006 iteration has unfortunately been cancelled) was even better.  Unfortunately, the day is also very hard to describe given the fact that the dramatis personae are only known to a few dedicated blog readers.  But if that's how the Embassy does long weekends, I am really looking forward to Labor Day.

So: my 27th year begins in, of all places, Pakistan.  Thankfully, there's no time for cheesy self serving retrospection.  Instead, there's lunch to be had, and I think I'm going to go to the pool.

Happy birthday Dad!  



1. nowheregrrl - May 29, 2006

Happy birthday!

2. Dakota - May 29, 2006

I feel that I must leap to the defense of the Fahrenheit system. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do love me some metric system, kilometers and whatnot, blah blah blah. But Fahrenheit is actually better than celcius — celcius is based on water, which makes it nice for science, but Fahrenheit is the LIVABLE temperature range — pretty much everything between 0 and 100 is survivable for long periods of time. Spending time at temperatures above and below 0 and 100 is certainly survivable, but not for too long. It makes sense. Certainly more sense than celcius. Also, I personally think there’s a huge difference between 86 and 87 degrees, a distinction that’s lost in centigrade.

3. Dad - May 30, 2006

47 degrees Celsius (by the way it is not Centigrade any more) or 116.6 degrees Fahrenheit it is hot. It reminds me about the weather in Kolkata during my early birthdays.

The long weekend in Baltimore went very well. We went to Saffron on May 27. It feels good when the restaurant owner greets you as an old time friend and treats you with free desert. I am glad that you had a good day.


4. Shawn - May 30, 2006

I have to go with Dakota on this one. Celsius is just the rest of the world trying to get us down.

Happy Birthday. 27 makes you about 4 in metric years I think.

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