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In Answer To Your Inevitable Questions June 28, 2006

Posted by KG in Back in DC, FS Life.

The needs of the Service are what they are. And right now, the needs of the Service have pulled me from my Islamabad assignment.  I’m haunting FSI for the time being and will start Hindi training on Monday, and in a few weeks I’ll be pulled to an as-yet unnamed assignment to the Mother Country.

I am neither happy nor sad about this at this point.  I’m just accepting.  Its really strange to be back in DC so unexpectedly, but these things happen.

So: onward, into most likely six weeks of fast-paced Hindi.  I’m good enough at Urdu that I think I can progress fairly quickly to the level of Hindi the service needs for me.  Moving into a corporate apartment today or tomorrow.  And, well, full per diem.  Which is not so bad.



1. catherine - June 28, 2006

so you’re back in d.c. right now? wow, crazy…good luck on your next adventure!

2. Sister - June 28, 2006

I have an English boy who is absolutely terrified to meet you. Actually I don’t have him yet, but he’ll be here next week.

3. Bob - June 28, 2006

Well, that was the shortest lived offensive of all time…

4. Shawn - June 28, 2006

Pakistan is so last year anyway. I think all of the diplomatic issues there have been sorted out.

I’m at FSI pretty much until forever so if you want to meet for lunch sometime send me an email.

5. fsowalla - June 29, 2006

Hey India rocks — Pakistan doesn’t so much. I;m just finishing a short Hindi course. If you want to meet up for lunch sometime, shoot me an email.

6. Solomon2 - June 30, 2006

I’ve been wondering whether to study Hindustani, Urdu, or Hindi. Guess I’ve got my answer…

7. Prince Roy - July 1, 2006

that’s simply bizarre. i will never understand the state assignment process.

8. Consul-At-Arms - July 2, 2006

Good luck with the Hindi!

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