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Hyperbole Front Stretches Across Lower 48 July 18, 2006

Posted by KG in DC, Etc..

Summer of Hyperbole 2006Sure, we’ve all noticed that the summer weather is behaving beyond expectations. In fact, after walking about downtown today, I find it kind of difficult to come up with good metaphors. It’s certainly not cold. But I can’t believe the attention this heatwave is getting. Especially considering that other parts of the world get it a little bit worse than we do — and more often. Then again, asking for some perspective on this weather business is asking a bit too much of our average consumer of the news. With the other, scarier news hitting headlines lately (no links necessary, you know what I’m talking about), the weather provides an easy topic for uncontroversial conversation. “Sure is hot, huh?” “Oh yeah, it’s real hot, better drink some water I tell you what.” And so on and so forth. Also, the relentless powers of the sun create a welcome excuse for one to consume one’s body weight in FlavorIce, cold cold beer, and Arnold Palmers. But really, I think we’re all getting a little too worked up over a little discomfort. I certainly remember worse summers (hi, two bedroom house on Guilford Road five of us rented in 1999, how are you? Ever solve that roach and mold problem? And whatever happened to that sofa on the lawn?)

There’s definitely a larger and more controversial interpretation that one can take from this so-called scorcher hitting, well, all of North America. But despite all efforts, it seems that Powerpoint presentations still aren’t sexy enough for tie-ins to front page news or conversation with random strangers, despite getting all dressed up and sent to Cannes.

Also, I’m a little worried that I may be suffering from heat-related insanity. I went for a run in the middle of the afternoon yesterday, clearly the most intelligent time to go running. The overriding feeling? Nostalgia.


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