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Now I Know What Fantasia Feels Like August 4, 2006

Posted by KG in Bangla.

Learning to read a language I’ve been able to speak all my life is a fascinating and frustrating struggle. There are whole concepts that were completely unknown to me before this particular endeavor — the regularity of possessive endings, the actual correct pronunciation of the word for “daughter,” the existence of words I thought were actually two separate words when speaking the language. Like all the other writing systems I’ve learned of late, it’s incredibly interesting — but unfortunately, unlike the hyper-logical and almost exception-free Hindi, there’s a whole gaggle of special rules to grapple with. Blast you, silent-only-sometimes “maw!”

In that vein, Bangla class in general continues forward. My teachers are fabulous, incredibly funny, and very amused by what I know and don’t know. I suspect that the way I speak Bangla is indicative of what happens when you grow up with a language but never get educated in it — I may not know the technical word for development, but I know a ton of puns and can make fun of you with the best of them.



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