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A Weekend or Ten Too Late August 22, 2006

Posted by KG in Back in DC, Friends.

With the delayed departure, my weekend became blissfully plan free. Well, Friday night wasn’t, obviously, but other than that I had pretty much nothing to do.

SoaP was campy and hilarious. A fun experience, especially when our motley crew of bloggers was about twenty deep. RFD, our chosen pre-party venue, was predictably awful. Brickskellar and its associates are, again, on my “do not patronize” list. Not a huge loss, especially considering there are much better places in town for brew.

Saturday was a lazy day until later in the evening, when I headed to Tim and Emily’s going away party. The really sad part? I only just met them. Two totally cool people I’ve only just gotten to know and they’re leaving DC. (Yes, I’m leaving too. Don’t you try and logic me.) The party was… umm… Macintoshilicious? Columbia Heightseriffic? Dancetastic? Perhaps. Judge for yourself via the evidence. Caught the last train home, slept deeply into the day, and wasted a quiet Sunday with the Post.

A good weekend, overall, though I wish I’d taken time to maybe get to know some of these crazy DC bloggers back when I was here for a sustained period of time. Hm. Things to think about when I return, I suppose.

I haven’t blogged about my weekend in NYC with Suzanne, which was likewise nice and relaxing. It was a whirlwind trip with my feet on NYC ground for only about 20 hours. Still, well worth it, for good food, Brooklyn fun, and this totally great photo.

Bedford AvenueIt seems Mayor Giuliani’s crime reduction efforts were much more far reaching than I ever realized.



1. fsowalla - August 23, 2006

Good observation. I think it happens everywhere — you always meet interesting and cool people just as you (or they) or leaving — though DC is such a city of transients. There’s gotta be a word for that that you could enter into Webster’s. Maybe people just open up more when departing? It’s actually worse when it happens overseas — the likelihood you’ll meet again is significantly diminished.

2. FSO2 aka Angela - August 25, 2006

ze DC area is so transient, yet I am such a native (for real!). Feels wierd!! ;-).

How much longer are you around? Maybe we could get some people to get together to go to comedy @ Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse next Wednesday? I’ve been wanting to go, sounds fun – and better with a group…

3. Tones - August 27, 2006

yeah, likewise sorry we are all leaving simultaneously!

i have the same feeling, like i’ve met more cool people in the past couple weeks than in the previous couple months. maybe it’s a delusion, or maybe it’s just that i’ve been trying to “make the most” of my remaining time by getting out of the house more.


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