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Meals on Wheels September 20, 2006

Posted by KG in Dhaka, Food, Islamabad.

One of the coolest things about the Islamabad American Club was their scooter.  We could pick up the phone, order food, and in 30 or so minutes, a scooter would appear at the consulate door with your order.  It was great when strapped for sustenance, especially after a trip to the gym or a morning adjudicating visas.

Here in Dhaka, we’re all in the same building, so a walk to the canteen is quite easy.  But!  We’ve got our own unique pleasure: The Tea Cart.  A nice Bengali gentleman walks around the floor with a cart stocked with various goodies throughout the day, including the eponymic tea, assorted pastries, candy bars, fruit, and so on.  Pretty great for satisfying instantaneous cravings, and now I’ve developed a substantial tea habit.  Not so bad that I get grumpy for lack of caffeine, but enough that when I see the cart I want my no-sugar, no-milk, slightly kora cha.  10 taka later (at current exchange rates: approximately 15 cents) I am a happy man.



1. Prince Roy - September 25, 2006

yeah I remember that tea cart. another thing I do miss about Dhaka is the embassy facility. Very, very nice. Doesn’t quite make up for being in Dhaka, but at least the commissary has diet mt. dew…

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