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Got a Dream to Take Them There September 24, 2006

Posted by KG in FS Life.

Some decision making stories.

With the Embassy moving me to a new apartment in a month, it seemed a little excessive to pay 5000 taka for internet installation… twice.  Your choice of ISP in Dhaka seems to depend on where you live, and I’m moving from one section of town to another — and that means double installation.  So instead, I’m living internet free at home.  It’s liberating, in a way, but I do have tons of Dhaka pictures I’d like to share.  With luck, kind co-workers will take pity on my lack of connectivity during what will otherwise be a month long hiatus from flickr. 

Today was “divining true love” day in the Consular section.  This was my second round of such interviews, and it was fairly interesting, though in the end it wasn’t nearly as difficult as I was expecting.  Unfortunately, I have yet to emerge from adjudicating such cases with a deeper knowledge of what love is.  Proving your love (or, more accurately, the legitimacy of your marriage) to a vice consul isn’t about bringing us flowers or writing us horrible poetry.  What we really want to see is that stack of used phone cards, held together by a rubber band. 

Though, upon further consideration, reading horrible poetry actually written to us would be pretty great.  



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