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All You Can Eat After Dark September 28, 2006

Posted by KG in Dhaka, Food.

Its frightening how much the pan pizza at Pizza Hut Dhaka tastes just like the pan pizza at Pizza Hut Perry Hall, or for that matter Pizza Hut Islamabad.  Unlike the other chain’s I’ve eaten at abroad, Pizza Hut seems to do the best job in offering the most consistent product.  In the US, consistency is boring.  Here, well, its welcome.

Also, the all you can eat Iftar deal here — 299 taka for all you can eat Pizza! — is pretty fun.  At the prescribed time when it *officially* is night, someone rings a bell and everyone breaks the fast.  Waiters walk the room filling plates with meat (no pork!) lovers, veggie lovers, barbecue chicken, and extra cheese pizzas.  The pile of uneaten crusts at the end of the meal is a sight to be seen. 

The question: why don’t Bangladeshis eat the crusts of their pizza?  Our waiter wasn’t sure, but he did say that normally the locals order thin crusts, while foreigners order pan.  At this point I’m not sure why that is, but this does bear further investigation. 


1. Phil - September 28, 2006

The Bangladeshis stay true to the ‘all you can eat’ maxim: Don’t fill up on bread…

2. Josh - September 28, 2006

One problem with Pizza Hut Poland — no free refills, and a highly polonized salad bar (OK, that’s two problems). I remember once asking a worker in an American fast food restaurant in Poland (other than Pizza Hut) why the restaurant didn’t follow some American policy that it wasn’t following, given that it was an American fast food chain. I got the tart reply, “Because this isn’t America.” (I’ll take this opportunity to wish that anonymous person a hearty “up yours!”) And I’ll never forget my disappointment at finding that McDonalds Poland doesn’t serve breakfast. *Sigh!* But then again, McDonalds always has been one of the more culturally adaptable restaurants (e.g. chicken tikka sandwiches in England).

3. akku - October 14, 2006

Bangladeshis love the Pan Pizza but during ‘all you eat’ they leave out the crust so they can have more of the Pizzas with the great toppings. This not another Bangladeshi idiosynsrasy. These folks eating at Pizza Hut during Ramadan are just trying to get the most out of their money and in their own way beat the system.

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