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Seeing Home for the First Time October 5, 2006

Posted by KG in Dhaka.

My parents arrive in Dhaka in a couple hours.  It’ll be their first trip to Bangladesh, despite the fact that my takuma, nana, and nani (paternal grandmother and both my mom’s parents) were both from here.

I’m not sure what to expect, or how they’ll react to being here.  Some sort of weird, latent familiarity?  Complete surprise?  Disassociation?  Who knows?  I don’t think they think of Bangladesh as “home” the way my great-grandparents would have.  Maybe it’ll be like going back to the “old country” for them.

Also, and coincidentally, the first shipment of my stuff gets here today.  So I’ll have Mom to help me begin unpacking and setting things up.  

In quick summary: Mom and Dad get to see their roots and I get someone to help me set up my place.  I think everyone wins, don’t you? 


1. Sister - October 5, 2006

color me jealous.

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