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There Will Be a Quiz December 19, 2006

Posted by KG in Blog.

Argh.  Thanks a lot, Spencer.  Now I have to come out of semi-hiatus to answer the ever popular meme “Five Things You May Not Know About Me.”  Like Catherine, this is difficult for me.  Partially because I have to wonder what people don’t know, seeing as I’m pretty open and forthcoming.  But there are a few things, I suppose.

1. I was once a very, very picky eater.  So picky that at times Mom would make two different meals just to not deal with my whining.  A saint, that woman.  What wouldn’t I eat?  Raw tomatoes.  Mustard.  Salami.  Bengali style fried fish (still struggling with that one).  Rye bread.  Cauliflower.  Cabbage.  And, get this, spicy food.  Seriously.  I think things started to change right around high school, when I started to work in food service and got real fat.  Now I’ll eat almost anything (or at least try it once) with the notable exceptions of dog, cat, canned tuna, and horse.  I’m still on the fence about the last one.

2. Despite living in D.C. and using the Metro for years, I still can’t commit the Red line to memory.  I always have to look at a map to figure out if I need to go towards Glenmont or Shady Grove.  Which one goes to Silver Spring?  Which one goes to Cleveland Park?  I’m still blanking, and I had a regular tutoring gig in Cleveland Park at one point in time.

3. Keeping on the theme of direction, I suspect I’m slightly dyslexic.  Left and right still baffle me.  The cardinal directions are easy, but unless I concentrate really hard or hold my hands up to do the “L” thing, I struggle with directions.  The weirder thing is that I can always remember them in French, Bangla, and Urdu/Hindi.   But English is hard.

4. Once, a long time ago, I was a math whiz.  I actually started college as a math major, with dreams of being a professor in my head.  The odd geometric proof or calculus problem still excites me, and I’m fairly good with numbers.  But if you went back in time and told 16-year-old me that I was going to major in English and Philosophy, I would have laughed.

5. If sufficiently isolated, either alone or with close friends, I’ll totally cry during movies.  There are specific types of films that make me cry more than others, but in general I can be a bit more sentimental than I care to admit.  “Road to Perdition” had me practically bawling, for example.

Here’s a bonus for the hell of it: I’m a horrible, horrible communicator.  I stink at keeping in touch with people, though I’m actively trying to change that.  Too often I find myself living in the moment and forgetting.  That is pretty dangerous when adversity rears its ugly head (now, for example).

I guess I have to tag five previously untagged people, huh?  Obviously, Marisa (do you still read this blog, babe?).    And to get some more Foreign Service people in on this, Laura.  And Furnish.  And Phil.  And has Tommy been tagged?  I’m not sure.



1. Amie - December 21, 2006

I think that there is some Labyrinth type voodoo that happens with the red line. Yesterday I was racing from an event in Crystal City trying to get to the 5:20 Marc as to not miss my daughters’ first ever Christmas extravaganza… And even though I would have previously described myself as a knowledgeable source on all that is the red line, it took a long pause followed by a puzzled review of the map to bring me to a startling revelation. At 5:13 I was on the wrong side and the train I wanted had just pulled in. A shoe less run back up the steps, over the tracks, and down the steps on the other side ensued.

A promise to my three and a half year old is worth whatever vile fungus may be growing on the bottoms of my feet.

About number 4 – back in senior year we had to write creative short stories for a teacher whose name I cannot remember (though I do remember she was slightly off about needing to plug the holes to her soda cans with tissue). That project is the only thing I really remember from English that year, and your story is the reason I remember it at all. So math wiz, definately, but all that other stuff was lurking behind your TI-82

I hope things are going better for you

2. Laura - December 23, 2006

Oh, good idea! I’ll try to do this in the next few days. Right now my family has descended on my apartment for the holidays, so though my Czech test is over, my anxiety levels still a bit high…

Glad you are back to blogging!

3. Furnish Worldwide » For Kanishka - December 25, 2006
4. Phil - January 1, 2007

Glad to have you back.

By the way, we are about 5 days away from having our carpet. It’s off the loom and getting cleaned up with some finishing touches and looks great.

Have a look.


I’ll have to think about this whole ‘5 things’ thing. The thing is, these things are not really my thing.

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