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Lessons Learned, 5-7-5 December 21, 2006

Posted by KG in DC, FS Life.

I’ve been at my current job for almost two months now.  Just enough time to be comfortable, but not so long that I don’t get completely flummoxed by some of my cases.  Its a mix of the ridiculous and the tragic: a three legged dog, trying to ride a unicycle.  And after a while it makes you laugh, because there truly are some times when levity is the only thing that keeps you from condemning the human race from on high. Its all very Andy Kaufman, very Lenny Bruce, very Bill Hicks.  Dark stuff.  Schadenfreude?  Perhaps. 

Here’s a couple thoughts for some of you.  Heeding the words may help you avoid becoming the object of horrible, insensitive laughter that only serves as an armadillo-like shell protecting us from pain.  And they might apply even if you have no desire to ever leave the U.S.  Oh, and for the fun of it, in haiku!

Update your contacts
Disconnected numbers do
Not help me at all

That estranged daughter
May be your only lifeline
Think about it, dude

Few things in this world
Are as beautiful as that
Unexpected will

I’m very sorry
Just because its legal here
Does not excuse you

They are not cell phones
There are no roaming charges
Condoms are your friend

Every college kid
Before traveling abroad
Watch Midnight Express

Finally, for friends who may be doing or have to do ACS work, a tanka: 

Even the oddest
Sob story, ultimately
Involves a loved one
When breaking bad news, listen
The pain comes out in silence



1. Audrey - December 22, 2006

Always good to see underrepresented poetic forms. Don’t forget the lowly clerihew: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clerihew

They have examples there, but here’s one from Andrej:

Dennis Kozlowski
Can no longer go ski
Because he went psycho
With the funds of Tyco.

2. Consul-At-Arms - January 7, 2007

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