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Gumby January 12, 2007

Posted by KG in Etc..

After three+ months off, I’ve returned to the gym.  Partly out of desire for sanity, partly out of vanity.  Since I started an exercise routine way back when, working out has been the one consistent way I’ve found to destress and refocus.  It also helps when one is developing a “cubicle belly” and is a few weeks away from a trip to Seattle and being embarassed by it (you know who I’m going to see).  This time, however, I’ve decided to change things up.  Call it part of a wholesale “try something new” effort.  Hence, yoga.  Holy crap, I’m going to yoga.

And also holy crap, did that hurt.  I seem to be about as flexible as the average brick.  It’s pretty embarassing to be in a room with folks who can bend themselves into a pretzel and barely be able to touch your toes.  But that has its advantages as well.  This yoga thing is emasculating enough — yes, I said emasculating, and I know plenty of men do yoga but you know what I mean — that coming in with a little testosterone-laden attitude makes me feel better about leaving the free weights.  So I’m seeing my total lack of skill as giving me a set goal to aspire towards.  Not very attuned to the attendant philosophy of yoga, but so be it. The question is, do I aspire to amazing bendiness?  Probably not realistic. 

Oh, and as far as workouts go, I was very impressed.  I’m giving it my second shot this weekend, so wish me luck.



1. Reenee - January 12, 2007

I just now pictured you doing yoga and the mental image nearly sent water through my nose.

2. My Bad « The Diplodocus - January 22, 2008

[…] that’s who.  And of course, I forget: one year ago, I was one of those January gym-goers trying out something new.  And (obvs) something clicked for […]

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