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Brains are Haute Cuisine January 15, 2007

Posted by KG in Etc..

Has anyone noticed the recent upsurge in our collective fascination with zombies?  I started thinking about it when I read that The G. had just finished reading World War Z (obligatory link), which is possibly the best thing to result from the existence of Mel Brooks in some time.  The comics have jumped on the bandwagon too.  The excellent 28 Days Later seems to have started it all.  And now I’m seeing the undead cross, haltingly, with that weird zombie stutter step, into mainstream culture.  For example: a flesh eating Jack Bauer on last night’s 24 (he was just in China; the zombie plague in WWZ started in China: think about it).

Since I’m not a Buffy fan, I may have just missed the initial beginnings of the zombie craze.  Still, this zombie thing has nowhere to go but up.  For example, there’s a WWZ movie coming out, which will probably spark zombie mania.   A slew of zombie-themed TV shows are probably right around the corner: “How I Re-Animated Your Mother,” “Grey’s Blackened, Rotting Anatomy,” “Deal or No Deal.”  Zombies are going to be the next hot Halloween costume for the kids.  About time too.  I was getting tired of ninjas and pirates.



1. Audrey - January 17, 2007

The rise of the zombies is welcomed. On the other hand, I had someone arguing this weekend that unicorns are “overplayed.” Possible, but I still find items like these to be pretty awesome.

2. Laura - January 17, 2007

I was a die-hard Buffy fan and also loved 28 Days Later. I also saw a hilarious short film about this zombie who just wanted to be a normal guy — very cute. 28 Days Later — not so cute…

3. It's an Inspirational Dystopia « The Diplodocus - March 29, 2007

[…] maybe it’s not just me and The Pygs that are into reading about the Zombie/cannibal thing.  If so, here’s another recommendation: The Terror.  Probably the longest book I’ve […]

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