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Believe it or Not, There’s Nobody Home January 23, 2007

Posted by KG in Etc..

It’s remarkably difficult to leave a serious message for a return phone call on someone’s answering machine.  Even common practice in regards to doing so varies: some colleagues go for the “just keep dialling and hope for a human” approach, while others are content to leave a message stating “Please call me back, it is very important.”   I flip between the two, and usually just do both.  Because there’s never a guarantee they’ll actually call back.

The problem I’m facing now: horrible voice mail messages.   And not even fun ones!  I’m trying to get in touch with two “young” folks and am having no luck.  One message simply says “I’ll call you. BEEEP.”  No name to confirm that its the right number.  When the importance and urgency of your message is an issue, getting that prompt is a little disconcerting.

Even worse, her brother.  Whose voice mail message is an unintelligible rap song recorded off a stereo.  A song that he may or may not know the words to (he knows at least four, as far as I can tell).  Unfortunately, the message itself is two minutes of the song, and sounds as if it was recorded in a moving vehicle.   The sound quality means the lyrics are un-Googleable, so I can’t even mock the choice of song.

I’m an old curmudgeon.  This is well established.  The first thought to cross my mind when hearing these voice mail messages?  “Darn kids, don’t they realize the incoming call could be important? Hrumph.”  After that I got up to straighten my sweater vest, stretch my bum leg, and make myself a nice warm mug of hot water.  With a lemon.



1. Reenee - January 24, 2007

The transition from a fun/crazy voice mail message to a serious, coherent one is tough; I only made it recently, and because Ma yelled at me.

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