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Dear America, I Agree January 24, 2007

Posted by KG in top chef.

Sam was robbed.  More strongly: A Sam/Elia final would have been much, much more interesting than the Ilan/Marcel snipefest we’ll probably see next week.  Its a shame — and it seemed obvious that at the very least Padma was not happy with the decision.  At least you’re $10K richer, Sam.  Its too bad you didn’t get a shot at the big prize.

Don’t get me started on the underhanded late hit Ilan instigated.  Really, what was the point?  You realize you’re on TV right?

Its late and this blog entry stinks.

Edited to add: This isn’t saying I excuse Elia.  She shouldn’t have let herself get egged on by Ilan and join him in complaining.  Here again Sam showed his leadership chops by getting them both to shut up. 

Also, given the lateness I forgot all about the specific accusations that were brought up.  Sure we weren’t privy to all the video, but all season there was nothing suggesting Marcel cheated, ever, at least not in the Otto or Betty kind of way.  He may have been a jerk, but being a jerk and cheating are very different things.  And after that petty display, next week I’m certainly not cheering for Ilan.



1. Silvie - January 26, 2007

Dude, why does everyone hate Marcel? Is it the French name? I love him. Yeah, he may be arrogant, but certainly not more than Sam who comes off as nice, but probably has an ego the size of India. And Ilan? I’m wary of anyone over 13 who makes fun of other guys’ sexual prowess, or lack thereof. I don’t think Sam displayed leadership at all. He, and Ilan, threw Elia under the bus. Talent has nothing to do with winning, it’s what you do with it. Sam = BORING.

2. heather - January 27, 2007

K, I’m completely with you. I missed a few weeks in the middle there, but these four were the ones I expected in the end. Except, christ, I hate Marcel, and it’s not because of his French name, it’s because he’s insufferable. I agree, a Sam/Elia finale would have been much more watchable, though I totally missed whatever promped the shaved head incident, and her shiny noggin was a little tough to look at. Between the two of them, I’m obviously pro-Ilan, but really, who cares now.

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