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I Was Really Hoping to Never Hear Betty Fraser Again February 1, 2007

Posted by KG in top chef.

Does anyone think last night’s Top Chef finale was satisfying in any way?  For an elimination-based reality show to have the most boring and poorly directed effort of an entire season come during the finale was highly disappointing.   It felt like there were no dynamic elements there with the possible exception of the lost kampachi, and even that was resolved with a whimper.

Perhaps it was the nature of the challenge itself.  There were no rules, an unlimited budget, five course, do what you want to task.  It made for fundamentally uninteresting television.  Having not seen the first season, I can’t compare the two finals, but the only x-factor was the sous chefs being drawn from past contestants.   Surely they could have come up with an interesting element for the final — an ingredient, or a theme, a list of wines to pair the meal with, something.  Anything to give us on our couches an objective standard against which we could judge the contestants.  And for a show that had Eric Ripert in on the last pre-Hawaii episode, couldn’t they have at least had Wylie Dufresne or *gasp* someone new as an actual judge at the final table?

Beyond the boringness of the challenge itself, there was the result.  Which was crappy.  So crappy that I really don’t want to go into it here except to say: I completely disagree with all the judgments that took place in Hawaii and hope Ilan blows all his money on more watches and an actual website that’s not Myspace.  

If you run into me and bring up Top Chef, I’ll probably praise the fact that my Wednesday nights are now fully free from television. 



1. heather - February 5, 2007

I finally caught the finale this weekend and you’re completely right. Before this ep, I didn’t want Marcel to win, but jesus, Ilan couldn’t be more juvenile and unprofessional if he tried. At least Marcel was classy about it.

I actually got so bored I started reading a magazine while the show was still on, and just kept looking up now and then in case something, god forbid, actually happened. The first season was far and away better than this one; you should Netflix it.

2. Reenee - February 6, 2007

Agreed–season 1 of TC is byfar better. It is also interesting to see Chef Tom’s COMPLETE shifting of judging criteria–he stressed professionalism and proper work attitude in the first season, whereas this time it was apparently ‘all about the food,’ good manners be damned. Also, am I the only person who actually liked Marcel?

3. Silvie - February 11, 2007

No, Reenee, I’m in love with Marcel fo’ sho’.

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