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Interior Headphones Needed March 1, 2007

Posted by KG in Etc..

The lack of updates is alarming.  After proposing to my beautiful fiancée — woah, almost two weeks ago! — in Seattle, I’ve had plenty of things I wanted to write about.  Unfortunately, they’ve been of the “ohmigodIamplanningawedding!” variety, and we can save that stuff for the inevitable wedding blog, right? 

Kidding! Or am I?

Frankly, I wish I had some energy to develop ideas into some actual good writing — both on and offline.  I’ve had a ton of ideas floating around, and I thought that after my Seattle trip I’d be less preoccupied.  Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened.  Time has been filled with various other things, including a trip home to inform the future Best Man of his Best Man-ly duties, catching up on a lost week of work, sleeping off extreme fatigue, and kicking off a much more rigorous workout plan now that there’s a firm “get fit by” date ahead of me.  

This weekend should be a little better in terms of actually having idle time, and I am fervently hoping that the time is spent being productive and not plotting wars of conquest on the computer.  Lately I’ve felt that the jumble of noise going on between my ears has been significantly more distracting than usual, and the lack of focus has lead to inaction during the off moments when I can afford to sit still.  With some more time to perhaps catch my breath — the first weekend that has existed in weeks — noise filtering is a high, high priority. 



1. Nick - March 8, 2007

Wait, you’re supposed to be *fit* for your wedding? Crap, why was I not told this before?!

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