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Mums: The Word March 21, 2007

Posted by KG in Etc..

There is no good reason to learn about flowers if you’re not a: an amateur gardener, b: designing floats for the Rose Bowl, or c: all of the above.  Really, none.  They come with little cardboard thingys with pictures that tell you all you need to know.  Partial sunlight, water occasionally, buy something else next year.  Simple.   Spending more time learning about them is fairly useless if you have no interest.  Sure, they look pretty.  But unless you can eat them, there’s no point, right?

Wrong.  Consider the possibility that you’re going to be involved in planning a wedding.  In that case, your opinion on flowers becomes a bit more important.  People suddenly care if you prefer begonias, azaleas, or other things that sound like southern Aunts.  And sadly, my suggestion of edible decorations made of radish flowers and various other vegetable carvings didn’t go over well, so I’m trying a crash course in learning the names of those gardening-type things I think are attractive, and not just on a plate.  Pretty difficult, especially when every name you come across reminds you of a cheesy fantasy novel character or some communicable disease.

The last time I thought I cared about such things, I was picking out hideous arrangements to wrap on my date’s wrist.  Sadly, the Weis Market Florist isn’t available for weddings.

The title of this post is awful.



1. MC - March 22, 2007

Or, alternatively, you admit that you don’t know, tell people you don’t have any preference – except, perhaps, for color or smell (no corpse flowers please) – and give them free rein to choose what they like.

Or just accept the fact that they’ll probably choose what they like anyway, whether or not you express a preference. Particularly since they know this is not your expertise. 😉

Just a thought.

2. KG - March 22, 2007

Oh you shut it. You know those two things are clearly not viable options.

3. Mom - March 22, 2007

The thought of carved vegetables and other edibles, hmmmm. . .
I think it is probably true that she will choose what she likes with very little input from anyone else.


4. the g - March 22, 2007

welcome to the joys of planning a wedding. i still have nightmares sometimes, but i’m sure yr deal will be beautiful no matter the flowers/food/centerpieces/music/dresses/tuxes/etcetcetcetc……..

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