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Hop Fences, Jump Over Benches April 24, 2007

Posted by KG in Back in DC, fitness, Running.

The pleasant weather motivated me to lace my shoes up for a run on Sunday, my first of 2007.  The destination was unclear at first.  The weather was too nice; the Mall would be packed.  And shady!  And not all concrete!  And generally attractive, non-industrial, and far too, err, predictable!  Instead, I set off in an unpopular direction, towards the Navy Yard.  At noon.  On the warmest day of the year (thus far).

Taking up running, about a year ago, was a surprising move.  I had years of planning and back story dedicated to justifying a pathological dislike of any bipedal locomotion faster than 5 mph.   The list of excuses (sprained ankles, crappy shoes, a back ache, too much TV to watch, just not feeling like it) was long.  In reality more a subset of disliking exercise and ignoring my growing gut, the aversion stubbornly held despite getting over the “Oh, I don’t exercise” thing.

Actually, I still kind of hate running.  There are moments in the middle of a run where my quads decide to openly question the need for this torture, with loud agreement from the rest of my lower body and a cramp in my side.  Fortunately, I am not the embodiment of a democratic state, and after a few months of forcing myself to run, my will managed to quash the resistance of my lazy legs and their co-conspirators.  That whole “runner’s high” thing is still elusive, but I’m working on it.

However, a run from the Capitol Hill Washington Sports Club (2nd & D SE) to the Navy Yard (after an hour in the gym and on a well-hydrated but empty stomach) was a less than intelligent idea.  It’s a bleak and ugly part of the city, with few trees, abundant litter, and nothing but concrete as far as the eye can see.  The run itself wasn’t so bad in terms of bodily consequences.  After a near six month layoff, I’m pleased to report that I maintained full mobility on the day of and the all-important day after.  But I wouldn’t recommend that particular part of town for a quick jog, unless you’re into the whole industrial blight thing.

But I think I’m back into this running thing, despite all that.  Its better than sweating indoors while watching McLaughlin. 



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