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Cartoon Cats, Humans Share Similar Problems June 19, 2007

Posted by KG in Wedding.

We figured there would be this great, fun feeling in selecting items for our wedding registry.  Finally, a chance to ask for a mandoline, 1000 thread count sheets, and other semi-indulgent items we (as single folks) had never purchased.

Boy were we wrong!

Turns out selecting items for a wedding registry is not only difficult, it’s also a potentially volatile topic.  All Clad or Calphalon — or Le Creuset?  He wants one brand, she wants another, and there are other voices pushing for options three, four, and five.  What kind of wine glasses?  What color sheets?  Towels?  The absurd amount of choice, balancing the desires for quality and practicality, fundamental differences in some aesthetics…  basically, what looked at first like planning for the best joint Christmas/Birthday ever turned into something a bit more tricky, and more unexpected: the first real test of patience, compromise, and frankly, conflict we’ve had when thinking as a married couple.

One of the most… heated topics of discussion was on the topic of china.  We had a fundamental difference: she wanted it, I didn’t (and still don’t).  But I suspect this topic is a subject in which my opinion is wrong. 

The latest Achewood plot arc has been pretty scary in terms of prescience.  If you’ve not been reading, Roast Beef and Molly are getting married.  It hit close to home a couple weeks ago, when Nick and Breinn were hurtling headfirst towards marriage.  It hit even closer to home last Friday, quite literally days after we had our highly unpleasant discussion regarding fine dishware.  Overall, the comic strip does a good job of portraying our opposing viewpoints, more or less.  There’s a winner in this argument, and it’s not the boy cat (or the boy human).  And with that, I’m sticking to selecting pots, pans, and kitchen gadgets from now on.        



1. Phil - June 19, 2007

Pre-wedding. we had the same argument, but it was more meta; to register or not to register.

I lost.

At which point it was quite easy to just go along with whatever she picked.

2. Consul-At-Arms - June 20, 2007

She’s right; get the china.

You’re a diplomat, you should have nice china when people you like come to dinner!

3. the g - June 21, 2007

we have china. we did not buy or register for the china (how we came to own it is a complicated and boring story). Same for crystal.

We have never used isaid china, and frankly, we do not know where it is. I think it’s in the attic but that remains unconfirmed. I should probably look for it.

However, that being said, we are simple folk – you may actually use this stuff. And you’ll never really have another opportunity to have it gifted to you.

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