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Shriiiiinking July 24, 2007

Posted by KG in fitness, Running, Wedding, Yoga.

Well, that was unexpected. About a week after my near-breakdown over groomly fashions, I found a tie, a vest, and a pair of shoes. The searching was difficult, but it got done, aided significantly by the input of my lovely parents. Deep sigh!

That just leaves a tuxedo shirt and perhaps a cufflink/button cover set, which will be pretty easy. Especially now that I have some new revelations as to my recent, err, shrinkage: it turns out the dress shirt size I’ve been for years is now too large — off on the neck by almost a full inch. Thank goodness I caught this now.

I’ve noted the start of a few of my recent (does 9-10 months count as recent?) lifestyle changes here on this blog — the running, the yoga, that sort of thing. I’ve been fairly cognizant of the physical effects of the new regime, but having a salesman tell me I was looking at the incorrect neck size was a little startling. Waist? Sure, I expect that size to change. But not my neck! I’ve been the same neck size as my father since I’ve been wearing dress shirts, and this is a very surprising turn of events. My neck didn’t feel like it was shrinking

Moreover: neither did my feet. I mentioned having found shoes for the wedding. It was a difficult-ish search, especially with a lovely saleswoman trying to upsell me on a pair of amazing, beautiful, and fabulously expensive shoes that I couldn’t justify buying (yet). The more sensible option won out, but when trying the shoe on I was told my size was one notch smaller than I remember it — a full size smaller than I think I’ve been for a long time. Huh? Does significant weight loss mean your feet get smaller? This I never, ever knew. And wasn’t feeling, apparently, as my shoes were fitting just fine. Now: they feel way too big for me. That’s probably psychosomatic, right? And my watch has been feeling a bit looser than usual…

Some people may like the idea of shrinking down, but I tell you, this is kind of weird.



1. Consul-At-Arms - August 15, 2007

The Brooks Brothers at the Leesburg Outlet Mall has some nice tux shirts on sale in varous sizes.

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