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Power Work is Never Over September 26, 2007

Posted by KG in fitness.

If you haven’t tried a Crossfit workout before, a warning: I thought yesterday’s would be an OK starting point and I was dead wrong. There is no OK starting point — there’s just a starting point and it is going to hurt.

I went in thinking “How hard could it be?” For the uninitiated, here’s a sumo deadlift highpull. And here’s a thruster. Sure, a bit scary for the newbie, but my hubris got me interested. Scale the weights down (arrogant or not, I am not ready for 95# thrusters) and I thought for sure I could pull it off. After three rounds of the Crossfit warmup, I felt I was ready…

35 minutes and four sets later I was sweating, nauseous, and cursing all that is and is not holy. Two exercises, four sets each, and I almost wanted to cry. Shame of shames: I couldn’t finish. I felt completely and utterly humbled by the weights and my complete lack of form towards the end. The sweat from my arms was caught in my iPod band. My leg was bleeding from an uneasy step/bar mishap. My glutes and lower back were jello. The deadlift was okay — but the thrusters completely killed. Ever tried one? Go, do 15 at 1/2 body weight, and let me know how it went.

I’ve been borderline obsessed with Crossfit since LAist wrote about it back in July. It seemed incredibly cool, a workout that was as much play as anything else. After my first go at it, I can also say it is harder than any workout I’ve tried in the last two years plus. It may look like playing around, but it is no joke. And today, I feel awesome. Sure I’m still in pain, but it’s the good kind of pain, the kind that reminds you while sitting in a cube that you pulled off something crazy. I’m trying to figure out workout modifications for my sadly ring-free GloboGym and debating trying out CrossfitDC. Sunday I’m thinking I may even do my entire workout at the local playground.

That said, recommendations on decent sports masseuses in the DC area are appreciated. I may need one sometime soon.



1. mgrass - September 30, 2007

We wrote about Crossfit back in November of last year and everyone who seems to gets into loves it. A friend of mine does Parkour at this gym in Brookland and it mixes some Crossfit in with Parkour, which seems a bit less intense. But what do I know.

2. And She was Brutal « The Diplodocus - October 1, 2007

[…] myself.  But I did finish a Crossfit WOD — my first one! — and unlike the last time I tried one, I didn’t collapse and get hit with a very (very) minor case of “rhabdo” a day […]

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