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36-24-36 October 30, 2007

Posted by KG in Food, Wife.

What amateur, single cook doesn’t try to woo prospective partners through making dinner? I’m not ashamed:  I’ve done it.  Hey, it’s part of why my wife seems to like me so much.  But I’ve never gone as far as preparing actual aphrodisiacs.  Primarily because I don’t know how to shuck an oyster (the shame!) and can rarely remember what other foods stir the passions.  Turns out there are plenty of books out there on that topic.  But that’s not (exactly) what this is about.

Sunday evening I think I managed to woo myself with a side dish.  The main course and veg (rosemary crusted pork medallions, lacinato kale sautéed in bacon fat) were good, but my mashed potatoes made me swoon.  I had seconds and thirds — which is unusual for me, especially with starches.  Like a beautiful woman, the key was in the proportions:  16 new potatoes, one head of garlic, 1/2 cup room temperature heavy cream, four tablespoons unsalted butter, one tablespoon fresh minced rosemary. 

When planning my dinner aloud with my wife, she made her jealousy abundantly clear.  She loves mashed potatoes more than most, and after the recipe turned out successful I elected to taunt her over email about it.  She took it well, all things considered.  At least better than I did.  The labor put in to dinner Sunday night was atypical, a special occasion dinner, and I felt the absence of someone to share it with in… rather specific ways.  My visceral reaction (“Damn, these potatoes are… sexy!”) brought some  sub/semiconscious thoughts into focus.  The wife would undoubtably have showered me with affection for that dish alone.  And though I doubt I’ll have any need to prepare special meals for her as a seduction tool when we do live together, that potato recipe is one to remember.  (Insert obligatory burning calories comment here.) 

One last thought: seriously, why haven’t I been eating kale all my life?  That stuff is delicious!



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