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Sticktoitiveness November 13, 2007

Posted by KG in fitness.

 (Warning: boring fitness post ahead)

On October 1 the bar was set: 15 rounds of “Cindy” by Christmas.  Given the 3 months workup time, that sort of progress seemed possible, though at the time I would never have said probable.

Sunday (42 days after setting the original goal, and 50 days early) I knocked out 15 rounds and five additional pullups.

Why such rapid progress?  The conditions — time of day, amount of sleep, etc. — were virtually identical.  And I’ve only been at this for six weeks, probably not long enough for real gains.  My guess:  I’m just now understanding the mental portion of a Crossfit workout.  The psychological component consistently surprises me — you need serious strategy and concentration to excel.  Will those two seconds breathing cost you later, or save you 10 seconds collapsed later on?  When should you change your grips?  Do you start off going all out or going steadily?

The other big surprise was that of all the portions of Cindy (pullups, pushups, squats) the most challenging this time was the pushup.  Here I thought my pullups were lacking.  Thanks rear deltoids.

New goal: 18 rounds by February 1.  The wife says “That’s too much!” to which I respond “Exactly.” 



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