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Now I’m Back on My Feet January 16, 2008

Posted by KG in fitness, Running.

Yesterday I was extremely ambitious.  After a warmup of box jumps, HSPUs, and overhead squats, I decided to give Tabata Something Else a try — and got a personal record.  Winded but not beaten, I decided to try going for a run before my yoga class.  It was 7 PM and below freezing outside.  As I put my running hat, jacket, and gloves on doubts crept into my mind.  I won’t have time for a decent runDamn, it’s coldThose squats really killed, let’s give the legs a break.  Just relax — yoga’s in half an hour.

Bill Conti’s Gonna Fly Now came on my iPod.  I went out and ran hill sprints for 20 minutes.

Today’s lunch hour was set aside for another run, 5K.  I had my route mapped out from the night before, but boy did my legs hurt.  Even more than the day before, or it least it seemed that way as the run loomed closer.  Still, I kitted up and headed out. The doubts started around step 20.  Again?  Shouldn’t go too hard, you have work to do.  Is that your lower back pinching a bit?  That salad on your desk sounds mighty good

Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger came on my iPod.  I ran the 5K in 22’36”, a personal best.

Consider these anecdotes hearty endorsements of Rocky(s) I-IV, four of the best sports films ever made.



1. sister - January 17, 2008

You so crazy.

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