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Whither the Skinny Ones? January 30, 2008

Posted by KG in Etc..

During a regular shopping trip, I was saddened to observe that the ancillary merch at my usual comic book shop isn’t meant for me.  They had some cool shirts that I was sorely tempted to buy (let’s avoid the topic of my ever-expanding t-shirt collection, okay?) .  Sadly: they had sizes beginning at large and working their way upwards.  At some point, I may have considered buying something a tad too big, but that seemed silly* so I decided to ask the comic book guy (whose nom-de-travail is, no joke, “Rambo”) what the deal was.

Me: Hey Rambo, does your store only buy shirts for the larger comic book fans, or do the makers anticipate the dimensions of the target market?
Rambo: Umm.. well… a little of column B, but mostly column A.
Me: So your store doesn’t consider the more svelte comic book fan?
Rambo: Basically, yeah.  You could say that.

The fact I’m blogging about this (not to mention the fact that I, you know, take regular shopping trips to the comic book store) confirms my nerdiness.  Or is it geekiness?  Dorkitude?  Does someone deeply invested in comic books fall under the category of a geek, dork, or nerd?  If Wikipedia is to be trusted as a cultural hivemind, the terms have evolved and are family-resemblent enough to be nearly interchangeable.  So let’s just say “comic book nerd” for now. 

And this comic book nerd wears a medium.

*The idea of buying a t-shirt with the logo of an obscure comic book character did does not seem silly at all.



1. Sara - February 16, 2008

I feel your pain. I was so excited to win a “Happy! Happy! Soy! Soy!” t-shirt for completing a soy scavenger hunt at the Iowa State Fair last August, until I learned the shirts only came in XL. I know people shove a lot of corndogs down their throats at th fair, but c’mon…only XL?!?

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