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Likes His Writing to be Boring February 29, 2008

Posted by KG in Blog, fitness, Running.

2/28 Route
Over the course of the last month I’ve been assiduously chronicling my running efforts and, occassionally, posting route maps onto my flickr account to create the most boring photo batch ever.   I’ve also taken to keeping a paper journal of my workouts with relative consistency, an equally boring task.  Well, boring to you, maybe.   For some reason this is a habit I’ve really come to enjoy.  As a journaling-type project, keeping these maps and logs provides a clarity of purpose that keeping a blog simply doesn’t.  There’s no pressure to be creative or to entertain.  It’s simple: this is how far I went, how long it took, how much I lifted, how many times I did it.  Maybe some commentary on how it felt, and the occasional self-deprecating “bad strategy!” or “weak sauce.”

The downside to the clarity of purpose is that there are times when I’ve been hit with inspiration while writing something fitness related in my paper journal (this is clearly not a result of one of those times).  I’ve thus far largely kept my fitness journal free of flights-of-fancy, blog type writing, to keep it focused on what it is.  Which brings up the conundrum of whether or not I start to keep a proper journal as well.  That would mean, most likely, a two-week long string of keeping my ideas on paper, followed by intermittent bursts a few weeks to months later, followed by nothing.

When it comes to my body, or the corporeal in general, I’m good at patience, consistency, and the long view.  Sadly, the contradiction between that aspect and my inner life is evident; it’s impossible to take the same care with my mind.  Dogged persistence when it comes to thought has not, typically, been my strong suit.  Clearly, this is something that needs improving.      



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