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Bluebird, Shoulder March 3, 2008

Posted by KG in fitness, Running.

Running around East Potomac Park is easy — 5K of flat, straight, tourist-free path with few cars and no lights.  This also contributes to the fact that it is boring.  Especially now that The Awakening has moved to Prince George’s County.  Everything to be seen from the park can be seen from elsewhere; the only marginally interesting sights Sunday morning were the folks casting fishing lines into the Anacostia or Potomac — interesting in that “why in the world would they want to fish here?” sort of way.

That said, I got it done, as part of possibly the most mentally taxing long run I’ve gone on: 9.83 miles in 90 minutes.  Sadly, it’s just under a 9 minutes/mile pace, my ultimate goal for the Cherry Blossom, but there are some mitigating factors.  Such as the fact that prior to running I got a PR in “Angie” (24’41”!!). 

From the moment I woke up Sunday morning, I knew it was going to be a good day.  As healthy as this winter’s been: come on spring!   



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