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My Only Stab at Blogging About The Wire March 13, 2008

Posted by KG in TV.

It seems inexplicable that … And All the Pieces Matter doesn’t feature Steve Earle’s rendition of “Way Down in the Hole,” The Wire’s opening credits song for season 5.  A spoiler issue?  Probably not, considering the season 5 quotes on the CD.  More likely, Nonesuch couldn’t get the rights to the song.  That’s a shame — Earle’s version is one of the better ones, though all five have their merits. 

Yes, I bought The Wire’s companion CD.  No, I haven’t been blogging about watching The Wire, mainly because others do it better.  Let’s just say my opinion on the show jives with conventional wisdom and I’m ambivalent about the show ending, though not the show’s ending.  On the latter, the finale was exactly what the season and the series called for, nothing more and nothing less.   As for the series actually ending: great shows can’t go on forever.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t crave more.

One last thing.  Am I the only person that caught the cameo by Sgt. Bryan Anderson during the Walter Reed scene in “Late Editions”?



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