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Mid-Madness Update May 14, 2008

Posted by KG in FS Life.

There have simply been too many things going on.  We’ve been running around like crazy for the last month.  First, we had three weeks of training — both substantive and functional for the wife, and mostly just functional for me.  Now we’re in the middle of traipsing between various offices to be briefed on issues large and small.  We’re also preparing for Packing Out, a task so onerous and unpleasant it warrants proper noun capitalization.  The movers come tomorrow.

If there are any prospective FSOs reading this, try to remember that though the week of consultations and packout seems far, far away, you are really best served doing as much preparation as possible ahead of time.  That really won’t save you any small amount of running around (I don’t know anyone who has ever had a relaxing Packout) but it will put you at a strategic advantage when the big day comes.

Here’s the part where I ask for Packout horror stories.  Me first!  As I am sitting here I just remembered that I’ve completely forgotten to buy some rather important and specific toiletries to go in my air shipment, items I could have bought for cheap but now must purchase at CVS.  Then again: if that’s the only thing I forget, I am pretty darn lucky.



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