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It’s Like Deja Vu and Other Errata May 18, 2008

Posted by KG in FS Life, India, Running, Traveling.

Tomorrow (Monday) meri bivi and I were to be on a plane, on our way to Mumbai via Frankfurt. Unfortunately, that plan is looking unlikely at the moment: we’re currently without diplomatic visas to India. Kind of a bummer, as we’re now unsure just when we’ll be leaving for our next assignment. The bright side is that we’re doing this together, and now we’ve gone from a rate of three necessary errands per hour down to nearly zero. That loud exhalation you hear is one of our collective relief. Sure, the situation is a bit frustrating, but really? We’ve been through worse. And now we can hang out without asking each other the dreaded question “what do we have to do today?” every morning.

When our departure for Monday was looking probable, I went and made the irresponsible decision to register for the Capitol Hill Classic 10K. Intercontinental flight the next day be damned — a 10K through my neighborhood was not to be passed up. There was no substantial reason to let recent developments scuttle my race plans, so I did indeed run today. It was my first 10K (and race #2 overall). It felt like a good distance, a rational amount of time that left enough in my tank for a very fast final mile (or two). The roughest part was the eponymous final hill, which hit hard but not hard enough to quash my final sprint. I’m still not sure how I managed it, but according to my watch I managed a time of around 47’26”. That last sprint took me to about empty, and I’m definitely more sore tonight than I was after the Cherry Blossom. In fact, the moments after that race were fairly easy. After this one, I couldn’t see straight, and it took me a few minutes to remember how to tie my shoes. NB: I didn’t train nearly as hard or as much this time around.

But back to non-crazy-stupid-running news. My prettier half and I are here for a bit longer, and I intend on enjoying it as much as possible. So, America: we’re (probably) not leaving just yet. Do you have plans?



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