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Mumbai Mystery Grafitti June 3, 2008

Posted by KG in India, Mumbai.

Around the corner from our apartment is a bit of grafitti I found myself using as a landmark for finding my particular street.

It was a foolproof plan — navigate via the Beanbag sign. But then I saw this:

(By saw, of course I mean “navigated by and got lost after seeing”.)

Later, I saw this…

… and later still, realized that the word “Beanbag,” along with the same phone number, is spray painted all over this city.

We discussed the mysterious “beanbag” on the work shuttle the other day. Theories on what the grafitti meant were bounced around: a trashbag delivery service (or “Bin Bag”)? Drugs or other contraband? A brothel? An officer braver than me decided to cut to the chase and called the number during our commute home. The confused receptionist on the other end of the call confirmed that the answer was disappointingly non-nefarious: they were vendors of beanbags. They gave us their website, which describes the company and the owner’s unconventional marketing methods.

In the interest of full disclosure: I am now sorely tempted to purchase one of these beanbags, if only to reward the company’s proprietor for his ingenuity.



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