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God Bless Ornery Old Women August 21, 2008

Posted by KG in Calcutta, Family, India, Travels, Wife.

We got back from Calcutta Sunday, and I’ve got some great pictures to show from my trip.  Unfortunately, our home internet is being a bit difficult and we’ve been busy.  To tide you over, here’s a poorly lit picture of my wife in a sari, with my grandmother and one of my many, many aunts.  (I’m still trying to figure out the camera settings…)

Grandmother, Marisa, Aunt

When I asked my grandmother what she thought of my wife, she replied curtly: “I like her more than I like you!”



1. sister - August 21, 2008

HA! Pew Pew is the best.

2. Phil - August 21, 2008

get used to it. They always like her better…

3. mud - August 26, 2008

try using the specific white balance settings instead of leaving it on auto white balance. That should help clear up the color cast in the photo (caused by direct sunlight)

Just make sure to put it back on auto white balance after you’ve finished… or you’ll forget the next time and your photos will be tinted.

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