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East is West (Bengal) August 23, 2008

Posted by KG in Calcutta, Family, India, Photos, Travels.

As mentioned, we went to Calcutta last weekend, where the wife got a heavy dose of in-laws. Her first trip there was also a good excuse for us to be actual tourists — something I haven’t had a chance to do in many years. Unsurprisingly, it was another major Indian city, and thus felt only slightly more relaxing than Bombay. (If anyone comes to visit and can come up with a place less relaxing than Bombay, please let me know so I can avoid it.) That said, the trip gave us the chance to see some bits of older India, like…

hand-pulled rickshaws…
Badur Bagan Lane

old, winding lanes…
In Front of Victoria Memorial

the Victoria Memorial…

… (which was cooler than I remembered)…
The Line for the Kali Mandir

… a massive line at Dakhineswar…
Ganga at Sunset

… Ma Ganga at sunset…
Piu Piu

… and my Grandmother, aka Piu Piu.

It’s pretty enlightening to view Calcutta through the lens of living in another Indian city. I’d always associated it with crowds, traffic snarls, and filth. But after being in Bombay for three months, Calcutta almost felt… serene. Strange, how perspective works.



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