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Travels with Saheba September 5, 2008

Posted by KG in India, Traveling, Wife.

The most popular woman in the greater Aurangabad area last weekend was my wife.  Everywhere we went, she turned heads.  Local children were rendered speechless.  Grown men clamored for her photograph.  Teenage boys followed her around every turn, and ignoring the beautiful surroundings repeatedly asked for the favor of one moment of conversation with her. 

If I were exagerrating, I guess that would be funny.  But it’s actually no exagerration — more than one person was yelling loudly until the moment they saw the wife, and then went silent; we were followed up hills and into caves by groups of rail-skinny teenagers, all trying to gawk at the white girl; we did pose for more than one photo with groups of people we don’t know and will probably never see again.  And since it’s true, it actually only started as amusing.  After the fifth or sixth time hearing someone yell “Foreigner! Ma’am! Firangi! Photo!” we started the stiff-arm, please-no-photos routine.  You’d probably get annoyed too. 

Our driver explained that most of the folks following us around were people who had only seen Caucasians on television.  That I can understand — but what I don’t understand is the indiscreet fascination.  One person out of the scores was polite about it, telling us in halting Hinglish that he’d never seen a real white person, had never left Maharashtra, and wanted a picture to show he’d met one.  Not that polite necessarily means true, but it’s better than yelling “Which country? Picture!,” I suppose.

None of this is reason to avoid traveling to the Indian boonies.  Just be prepared to deal with curiousity that’s a bit… direct.



1. juli - September 8, 2008

hi there,

super appreciate this blog. i just got into the fs-(sec clearance and all) but was wondering if there were any blogs written by female fso’s i could peruse before i make my final decision…

dc is lovely, eh?



2. the g - September 30, 2008

the N had a similar experience in parts of China. Blond! Blue eyes!

Somewhat related, several people in Beijing believe they have met Paul Walker from The Fast and the Furious.

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