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Working on my Mahodara September 10, 2008

Posted by KG in Food, India, Mumbai.

Megaeared Ganesh
The Ganesh festival is in full swing here. To celebrate, a group of us went to see what we’re told is the richest Ganesh idol in the city, probably putting it in the running for richest worldwide. The idol isn’t the one pictured above. That’s one I saw a few weeks earlier, when I took an impromptu and unplanned tour of an idol factory.

After seeing the idol, we decided to treat ourselves to a nice vegetarian dinner at one of our favorite restaurants.  There, praying for all obstacles to be removed, I singlehandedly ate a giant dosa.
If you can’t tell, it was about four feet long. And six inches in diameter when rolled. Eating it took an hour, and I’m not quite sure when I’ll be able to look at a dosa again.



1. mom c - September 10, 2008

ok, inquiring minds want to know what is inside of a Dosa. And did you have some of the other items on the table as well?

2. melanie - September 12, 2008

oh man, do i miss a good dosa or what?

3. Mom R - September 12, 2008

The lord Ganeshs face is beautifull. what kind of Dosa was it?

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